Welcome to Instar UK Ltd: Established 2001

About us

The company’s knowledge lies in the field of flat roofing and it is in this area of expertise that we have focused our attention since the company’s formation in 2001.


In recent years we have seen rising insurance costs for contractors, particularly those working in “high risk” areas of construction such as roofing.

Insurance Underwriters insure risk, the lower the risk, the lower the insurance premium.


InStar have brought together a range of roofing components that help reduce health and safety risk for workers and third parties whilst also benefiting both contractor and client with faster installation times when compared with traditional products.


InStar continues to search worldwide markets and develop innovative products that bring advantage to those that use them.
Our products frequently offer one or all of the following:


Faster installation times.
Reduced health and safety risk.
Improved design.
Higher performance.
Reduced cost.


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