InStar: Project EAGLE has landed



Through our constant pursuit of innovation and an enthusiasm to bring new products and methods to the UK flat roofing industry InStar UK entered into a research and development project called Eagle.


Owing to the risk to workers, property and third parties imposed by age old traditions of hot works including bitumen boilers and gas torches and the reluctance of insurers to cover this risk, this has led to a more focused interest on self- adhesive membrane technology.

With many years of experience working with and developing self-adhesive technology, Project Eagle was born.


To develop a new adhesive technology that would have superior bonding ability to most surfaces without the need for primer and that would adhere at the lowest of working temperatures and perform in use at high temperatures and humidity levels at a price that would not be prohibitive.

We are pleased to say that after several months of research and pulling from our knowledge banks that we have reached our goal, The Eagle Has Landed!

Low temperature working (down to Zero degrees Centigrade)

Adhesion to most, if not all, common substrates and surfaces.

No need for a primer to most surfaces (excepting excessively dusty, unstable surfaces)

Cost effective, Fast, Less downtime, More production. 



InStar UK will continue to research markets for new and innovative solutions to age old construction related problems and to develop new products that will bring about change and help users achieve their end goals quicker, easier and more cost effectively.