Instar: Specialist Products

Instar generally provides quick turnaround of orders from placement to delivery and takes pride in ensuring the utmost in terms of product knowledge and customer service.


Our current product portfolio consists of:


INSTA-STIK STD: A specialist polyurethane roofing adhesive 13.5kg


INSTA-STIK: "Handy Size" polyurethane roofing adhesive 750ml 


Polyurethane Foam & Adhesive Applicator Guns


Plastic Paving & Decking Supports


Rubber Paving & Decking Supports


Adjustable Paving & Decking Supports


Self Levelling Head Adjustable Paving & Decking Supports


Elotene DSN Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier


*  Butyl Products



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