InStar: Adjustable Self Levelling Head (Type ALH) Paving & Decking Support

The "ULTIMATE" of the adjustable paving & decking support range from InStar

InStar Type ALH- Adjustable & Self Levelling Head paving & decking supports are available in 14 x sizes starting from 37mm to 550mm. The range in height adjustment means that paved/decked areas can be laid flat even when the drainage slopes have been incorporated into the underlying substrate. The rolling head which is the key feature of this supports compensates gradients of up to 5%. Fine height adjustments can also be carried out on finished paving using a long screw driver.


The InStar Type ALH - comprises of of three component pieces:

  • A rotating and self levelling head piece with an upper part of non slip and sound absorbing rubber
  • The screw adjustment unit with a coupling head srew to ensure the head always stays on.
  • A large 205mm diameter base support.

Size Range:

 ALH 1  ALH 2  ALH 3  ALH 4  ALH5  ALH6 ALH7 
 37-50mm  50-75mm  75-120mm  120-170mm  170-215mm  140-230mm  185-275mm
235-325mm 205-345mm 250-385mm 300-400mm 270-455mm 315-500mm 365-550mm



      ALH 6 = AR3 + 1 x P1           ALH 9 = AR3 + 2 x P1           ALH 12 = AR3 +3 x P1     
 ALH 7 = AR4 + 1 x P1   ALH 10 = AR4 +2 x P1    ALH 13 = AR4 + 3 x P1 
 ALH 8 = AR5 + 1 x P1    ALH 11 = AR5 + 2 x P1   ALH 14 = AR5 + 3x P1 

Key Benefits:

  • 14 sizes from 37mm to 550mm
  • Self levelling head that compensates gradients of up to 5%
  • Adjustable to the millimetre in the range of 37mm - 550mm
  • Rubber head surface aids absorption
  • 122kg loading capacity
  • Fine adjustment capability after paving is in place
  • Alternative head for decking joists



InStar Adustable Self Levelling Head paving & decking support literature

Adjustable Self Levelling adjustable Paving & Decking Support literature
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