Instar: Adjustable Paving & Decking Supports

Adustable Paving Supports
Adjustable Decking Supports

InStar adjustable plastic paving & decking supports enable the paving slabs to be lifted off the roof surface thereby allowing for effective drainage between and beneath. Fine height adjustment is achieved by rotation of the head.


The four lugs at the head of the support ensure uniform alignment and spacing of the paving slabs.


The “screw type” adjustment allows for fine height adjustment to accommodate roof slopes and irregularities in the roof surface.


With heights ranging from 25mm up to 270mm, paved deck areas can be laid flat even when substantial slopes have been incorporated in the underlying substrate.

With the potential of large cavities beneath the slab, pipes and cables can be stored beneath.

The supports comprise of three parts: a base, a threaded height control middle section and a rubber surfaced head piece. 




Installation of the paving is made simple by placement of the paving supports at each corner of each slab. The alignment lugs will ensure accurate spacing between slabs.
It is essential to ensure that the first row of slabs are laid carefully in line as these will act as a guide for each subsequent row. The paving supports will be held firmly in place by the weight of the preceding slab enabling quick and accurate placing of the next row. 


- Adjustable height from 25 to 270mm

- Accurate adjustment  once the paving is finished, due to the exclusive
  adjustable key

- Rotating fixed head provided with an upper part of soft non-slip
  and anti-noise rubber 

- 320 sq cm smooth base support

- Resistant to atmospheric agents, acids, ultraviolet deterioration
  and to temperatures between -30 degrees to + 120 degrees C

- Block system (safety auto-lock system screw-base)  


- Fast and clean application of paving system without mortar.
- Uniform spacing between paving slabs.
- Easy removal of slabs if required
- Water drainage between and beneath paving
- Labour saving
- Safer walking surface without standing water.


Technical Data: Available sizes











 25-40mm 110mm 205mm 4mm 1200kg
 40-70mm 110mm 205mm 4mm 1200kg
 60-100mm 110mm 205mm 4mm 1200kg
 90-160mm 110mm 205mm 4mm 1200kg
 150-270mm 110mm 205mm 4mm 1200kg

PLEASE NOTE: Check with your paving slab provider as to maximum permissible dimensions when supported only at corners by paving supports. Central/interim supports may be required.



InStar Adjustable Paving & Decking Support: Literature/ Data Sheet

InStar: TYPE A Adjustable Paving Supports
InStar Type A adustables PSA1215.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [278.2 KB]

Instar Adjustable Paving Support: Calculator

A Guide for calculating adjustable paving supports
Adjustable Paving Support Estimator.pdf
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