Instar: TPO Paving & Decking Supports

9mm TPO Paving Support


InStar rubber paving supports offer a simple solution to the raising of prefabricated paving slabs off the roof surface to enable effective drainage between and beneath.


The four lugs on the upper side ensure uniform alignment and spacing of the paving slabs.


InStar rubber paving supports are made from high grade flexible synthetic rubber which is resistant to extremes of heat and cold and also offers good insulating properties against sound and vibration.


The 9mm thick moulded design incorporates grooves on the underside to provide good drainage and can be segmented into halves and quarters for use at corners and edges with the aid of a pair of tin snips or a small saw.

The paving slabs are loose laid on to the paving supports and held in place by the spacing lugs, as there is no cement mortar used in this method of laying, the slabs can be easily lifted if required in the future.


Any minor level differences in the substrate or lapped joints in the waterproofing can be accommodated by the use of 2mm plastic shims which fit neatly on top of the paving supports.

InStar rubber paving supports are packaged in strong recyclable woven polypropylene bags which, unlike cardboard packaging, will not be affected by wet site conditions.



HEIGHT:                                                    9mm

EXTERNAL DIAMETER:                                130mm

INTERNAL DIAMETER:                                 60mm

THICKNESS OF SPACING LUGS:                  5mm

HEIGHT OF SPACING LUGS:                        10mm




- Tough flexible rubber compound with anti-slip qualities
- 130mm diameter provides large weight bearing surface
- Easily cut for corners and edges
- 2mm shims for fine adjustment
- Site considerate and recyclable packaging ensures minimal wastage



- Uniform spacing between paving slabs
- Water drainage between and beneath paving
- Sound and vibration insulating qualities
- Enables easy removal of paving for inspection and maintenance
- Fast and clean application of paving system without mortar    
- Labour saving




Instar type R rubber paving supports are not suitable for use with plastic type membranes owing to incompatibility issues.


Check with your paving slab provider as to maximum permissable dimensions when supported only at corners by paving supports. Central / Interim supports may be required where larger slabs are required.

Instar: TPO (Type T) Paving Supports
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