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A-Ped SR non-combustible aluminium adjustable paving/decking support

Product information

 A-Ped SR is a Class A1 fire rated, fully non-combustible aluminium adjustable pedestal, made from recycled alumimium, zinc-alloy and coated steel components for external use. 

A-Ped SR meets the demand for a fully fire-rated external pedestal solution. 

The A-Ped SR is specifically designed for use on external balconies and roof terraces and can be used with paving, decking and grating systems. As the most advanced Class A1 fire-rated pedestal available on the market, it has an integrated slope corrector which allows up to 5% of millimetre-precise correction and a large load spreader plate base that won’t compromise insulation or waterproofing membranes. 

The A-PED SR range has a suite of Class A fire-rated accessories; 

  •  Spacer Tabs 
  •  Edging 
  •  Joists 
  •  Shims 
  •  Membrane Protection

Product description

 The A-Ped SR 4-15 consists of 4 components: 

  • 90mm diameter A-Ped SR Head 
  • 170mm diameter A-Ped SR Base, with perforations to allow water drainage or 90mm base on models ASR1-3 
  • A-Ped SR Turning Plate 1 or 2, dependent on pedestal model 
  • A-Ped SR thread with 2 locking nuts, to allow fine-tune adjustment 
  • No additional plastic or rubber material required however B-rated shims and membrane protectors are available if required.

Height range

 15 sizes from 24mm to 395mm (see below)

Load capacity

  • Uniformly distributed load >2000 Kg 
  • Concentrated load 3000 Kg

Additional components

  • A-Ped SR Base, A-Ped SR Head and Turning Plate 100% recycled aluminium 
  • A-Ped SR thread and nuts 100% coated steel for external use 
  • All components 100% recyclable.