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Insta Stik Roofing Adhesive 750ml Handy Can



Product description

Based on 25 years experience of Insta Stik™ Professional Roofing Adhesive in its industrial (13.5kg) large tank format, Insta Stik Roofing Adhesive 750ml Handy Can meets the roofers need for a highly portable version for the fixing of rigid insulation boards on smaller commercial and residential roofs.

Under Part L of the building regulations it is now a requirement to upgrade the existing insulation to the current standards when replacing or renewing the waterproofing layer. Insta Stik Roofing Adhesive 750ml will bond up to 14m² of roof insulation board (based on 19-25 mm beads at 300mm centres). 

When compared to hot bitumen and liquid adhesives Insta Stik is:

  • Safe
  • Clean
  • Fast to apply
  • Fast to cure 
  • Easy to use
  • Controllable
  • Economical
  • Proven


Insta Stik Roofing Adhesive 750ml is a specially formulated polyurethane foam adhesive for the purpose of adhering rigid insulation boards to flat roofs.

The unique formulation provides the optimum “open time” allowing for sufficient adhesive to be applied to the substrate prior to placing of the boards and provides a tenacious bond to resist wind forces.
Insta Stik is applied to the roof substrate in beads or ribbons, the roof insulation board is then placed on to the beads straight away or within 10 minutes and will be firmly adhered typically within 20-30 minutes.

To apply Insta Stik 750ml a standard polyurethane foam gun is required of which two types are available:

Insta Stik has been used with leading insulation products including PIR, ROCKWOOL, EPS and XPS, Cellular Glass.